Content marketing

Creating content that helps, informs and even entertains, will attract customers to you.


Put simply, content marketing is this:

share what you know, about what you do.


Google "content marketing".


It's exciting stuff.


But, don't let all the huge amounts of information and methodology about content marketing put you off.


You might not know it yet, but you already have the content you need for successful content marketing. You just haven't created it yet.


We help you realise just how much you can bring to the party by coaching you to create content to attract customers - in the right way.


Content marketing steps​.


For successful content marketing, you need to go through a few steps leading up to creating content. 


It's a mixture of science, research and creativity.


We've got you covered.


We cover all these content marketing steps 

(and more!) during and in between our coaching sessions.



What are your goals?

You and your business


More website traffic?

More engagement?

More conversions?


Who is your customer?


Buyer Persona


What are their problems?

(You have the solutions...)


What are your customers searching for?


Keywords and phrases


What words do they use?

What phrases do they use?




Bring it all together to start creating content.

Your blog is a great place to start.


When will you start writing?

Do you need any images or graphics?

How will you get topic ideas?

What type of article?

How long should your article be?

What's the Call To Action?




Release your content to the world...


Where will you share it?

When will you share it?

How often will you share it?

How will I maximise engagement?




Find out how your content is performing.

We improve on what works, and we drop what doesn't.


What are the results?

How will you know it's working?